Tasmania’s first 20-year Tasmanian Housing Strategy (the Strategy) sets the ambitious vision to end homelessness by improving the entire housing system and ensuring all Tasmanians have access to safe, appropriate and affordable housing.

We will know that this vision has been achieved when:

Tasmanians live in quality, sustainable and durable homes that meet their needs.

Tasmanians have access to housing regardless of their circumstances.

Tasmanians have access to affordable housing options.

Tasmanians have a greater choice of homes where they want to live.

Under the Strategy, Homes Tasmania, with Government agencies, local government and our partners in the not-for-profit and private sectors will deliver on our priorities to:

  • deliver more quality homes, faster
  • support people in need
  • improve private market affordability and stability
  • enable local prosperity.

The Strategy is delivered through four-yearly action plans.

The Department of Premier and Cabinet oversees the implementation of actions that are the responsibility of Tasmanian Government agencies.